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"Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love." - Jane Austen (1775 - 1817) Northanger Abbey
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McKay Chapters 125 years
Tue, 14th Nov 2017

Ceilidh & Burns Supper Night
Sat, 20th Jan 2018

St.Bega Lodge donation of £275 to T.L.C Appeal

Fri, 8th Dec 2017

Deputy Grand Supt travels from West to East !
Tue, 5th Dec 2017

Masonic Charitable Foundation - 18 months of the MCF: What have we been up to?
Sat, 2nd Dec 2017

Carols in the Lodge
Sun, 17th Dec 2017

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Visitors Book

Our visitors book
The Cumberland & Westmorland Freemasons website is visited by Masons and non-masons from all over the world. Here are some of the comments made by our visitors.

Bro. David Watson MM Senior Deacon - The Bewick Lodge 5988 On: 26/03/2015 20:32:47
Have just launched our lodge website and feel rather pleased with myself. However after viewing yours I think I will just go away and hide. Your site is very impressive and must have taken a lot of work. Well done to all concerned.
Webmaster's comment:
Hello David, many thanks for your kind comments. Please feel free to send me the link to your website and I'll include it on our website.

George Sturrock - Rose of Minden 918 On: 22/03/2015 09:02:00
I will be visiting North Cumbria week of 6th April could you let me know if there are any Craft meetings within easy travel of Carlisle that week
Webmaster's comment:
Hello George, please visit our Lodge Meetings page for full details

Denis parfitt - adel6250 west riding On: 18/03/2015 20:09:30
informative and interesting site

Bro. Paul Smith MM-Tyler - The Bewick Lodge 5988 - Gateshead On: 28/01/2015 11:49:23
Fantastic site and as a province you clearly have pride in how its presented and its content, I have visited a few lodges in Workington by using the site and access to summons, having moved to Cumbria I will be using it a lot more to visit more lodges over the coming year. Well Done to all
Webmaster's comment:
Thank you Bro. Smith, I hope you continue to enjoy using our website.

Mike bullock junior deacon - Whitwell 1390 and Huddleston 6041 On: 23/12/2014 05:36:48
Wishing all brethren A very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015

Naser Khan - Lewis Lodge 1185 , London On: 11/11/2014 11:43:07
wonderful website and very informative
Webmaster's comment:
Thank you for your kind comments and for visiting our website.

W Bro Eric J Hurst - Eureka Lodge 283 Grand Lodge of Canada Ontario On: 15/08/2014 16:27:28
Moving to Ulverston and looking to affiliate with a local Lodge in the area
Webmaster's comment:
Welcome W.Bro. Hurst, I'm sure you'll find Freemasonry in the county to be vibrant and welcoming.

Kevin J Thompson DGSTEW - The Lodge Of Harmony 2180 Auckland NZ On: 14/07/2014
Great site i was directed here by brother john rain. I hope to visit next time i am in the uk
Webmaster's comment:
Bro. Thompson, thank you for visiting our website, I'm sure that you'll receive a warm welcome at any of our Lodges when you visit.

Bruce G Guthrie Marshal - Coachella Lodge 476 Indio CA USA On: 17/06/2014
Brother I will be spending several days in Keswick during the first week of July are there any meetings in the area that I may visit. The California Grand Lodge has contacted the UGLE concerning my visit. Thank you very much for any help you provide. Fraternally Bruce Guthire
Webmaster's comment:
Brother Guthrie I hope you enjoy your visit to our Province this summer. I have contacted you by email with some further information.

David Smithies PPGReg - DeWarren 1302 Halifax West YORKS On: 23/01/2014
enjoyed your site and greet you all well
Webmaster's comment:
Hello David thanks for visiting our site. You're always welcome.

Carl Horrax MM - Silverdale Lodge 6926 On: 13/01/2014
What a wonderful website absolutely packed full of information. I am new to freemasonary with lots of questions and this website has helped me answer so many. Congratulations to the team that has compiled it and to those that are running it daily. Thank you.

Mike bullock - Whitwell 1390 On: 01/01/2014
May I wish all brethren a very happy new year for 2014 and I hope to meet with some of you again

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