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Hospitality with a capital 'H'
Fri, 18th Sep 2015

Sun & Sector Chapter 962 - 125th Anniversary
Fri, 18th Sep 2015

Provincial Grand Chapter - Minutes of the annual Convocation, 21st May 2015
Thu, 21st May 2015

Sportsman's Dinner - 11th September 2015
Fri, 11th Sep 2015

Brigantes Lodge 9734 September Meeting
Mon, 14th Sep 2015

Alauna Lodge, No. 8808 - Cheque Presentation in aid of the 2016 RMBI Festival
Tue, 8th Sep 2015

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The Masonic Orders Explained
Knights Templar
Knights Templar
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Membership requirements:

Must be a Royal Arch Mason. Membership of the United Orders is by personal invitation only to Companions of the Holy Royal Arch who profess the Trinitarian Christian faith.
Information about Knights Templar:

The lengthy title of this Order is usually abbreviated to Knights Templar or more simply; the KTs.  The Preceptories and Priories as the individual bodies are called are governed by a Great Priory through a number of Provinces.

It is believed to have originated in France in the 1740s and then spread to Ireland.  The first reference of the Order bein worked in England was in Portsmouth in 1777.

Initially the degree was worked under the Warrant of a Royal Arch Chapter until 1791 when the energetic Thomas Dunkerley who was so prominent with other degrees organised a Grand Conclave with himself as Grand Master comprising of seven independent Encampments as Preceptories were first called.

Early progress was encouraging and Dunkerley was succeeded by Lord Rancliffe but interest waned after his death and it was not until 1845 that the Grand Conclave was revived.  This lack of progress during the first half of the nineteenth century may have been related to the unsettled cimate in the Craft during the years before and after the Union of 1813.  Since then with a new name of the United Order there has been a steady and continued progress.

A document should be available to such Companions which contains a brief history of the origin of the Orders details of the Degrees involved and a description of the regalia.  This document may available from the Provincial Vice Chancellor.

Other Masonic orders:

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